deer and man paintingThis auction may have ended, but it will live forever in the creepbay vaults. No one wanted this sweet painting for $75? This painting tells the story of a snowy winter afternoon and a masked and be-horned man wearing nothing but his fruit of the looms, while channeling the spirit of a Jedi deer that is appearing to train him in the ways of…not the force. The farce maybe. Could be the farts for all I know.

The guy is all like: Come at me bro. I’m here, I’m at one with the deer. Get used to it. Zup? My whites are white. What of it? No bro, that’s just mud. Nah, I ain’t smuggling no pinecone bro.

And the deer is all like: WTF, who caught this in a painting? I’m just embarrassed to be here. I was just hanging in the spirit world after meeting a truck head on, then I found myself here messin’ with the guy. Dude tripped on shrooms and summoned me to be his Jedi master. Let’s mess with him. Did you see the “mud” in his crack? LMAO. Watch this. I am here young one. Train you I will. Become the deer. Cross the nearby road again and again you will, until you see lights. Then head toward the light. What? That’s how they got me.
deer and man painting
And also, is that a packet of blood on the back of the painting? WTF? Must have come from a Vampire art collector, who forgot about their secret stash blood packet.