ed the headLucky for Etsy shoppers, 71 year old Dave Archer has decided to sell off his estate while he’s still alive and is offering up this fine gem. Ed The Head has lived his life, creeping people out in the bathroom of Dave’s museum of oddities and curiosities, where I’m sure he scared the crap out of many people!

Dave says that when people would ask, “Okay buster, what in the hell is that thing looking at me in there?” he would answer:

“Ed the Head
Ran with the Dead
Favorite color Red
Oops, one to many Meds
Ed’s dead”

ed the headYes, Ed is dead, but his soul is very much alive and trapped inside of there. Those lifelike eyes scream “let me outta here”. Poor Ed probably was just your average transient bum, who turned the wrong corner and wandered into the middle of a twisted voodoo ritual, in a dark swamp on the bayou. Now, he’s destined to be the butt of bathroom jokes for the rest of his days. Unless someone knows their voodoo and is kind enough to release him. Only $700 to set this poor soul free.