haunted kimonoAccording to Ebay seller Maggieshouse, “Cherry….is the spirit that is very attached to this silk robe. The scent of Chantilly perfume is not only present on the robe, but you will get a whiff of it when she is in any room. She tends to roam the house. The sound of distant, soft crying. Not wailing…or sobbing….just the softest sad cry. She is also prone to bouts of disruptive behavior. She will knock over light items, ruffle the blinds and curtains, blow out candles, etc. Sometimes….she is just there…and you can sense her there.”

haunted kimonoThis haunted kimono is from the estate of a close friend of the seller, named Maggie, who is now deceased. Maggie was a spirit medium and actively sought out used items, with active spirit attachments for her own collection. Many haunted items were also given to her, for safe keeping and from grateful people who received free spirit world consultations and readings from her. Maggie’s home was full of ghosts and a very interesting place to visit. Her friend recollects, “Spending the day or evening at Maggies house was always filled with mystery and activity, some of it confounding and sometimes, admittedly a little spooky! I spent the last 5 years of Maggies life keeping her company and helping out with things around the house pretty much every day. We would spend hours and hours talking about each item and the history….and…the particular spirit attached to them, or what she was trying to figure out about a particularly mysterious item. She said sometimes these spirits communicated right away, others….she had to wait to find out who they were. It was fascinating. She was a brave and wonderful woman.”

haunted kimonoThis particular silk robe was given to Maggie by the 2nd wife of a man who murdered his 1st wife. The seller says that the murder/disappearance case happened in the mid 70s and was quite well known. She doesn’t want to share the name of the man, because there is still surviving family.

According to the seller,”She was murdered in a rage fueled tirade by her horrible husband. She was not killed while wearing the robe….however….the robe was a gift to Cherry from a man she was having an affair with and she spent almost all of her time in this robe for the year following the disappearance of the man who gave her the robe.”

Cherry’s evil husband was never brought up on murder charges. I guess that they didn’t have enough proof and he hid the bodies well. Because he got away with it, he went on with his life, pretending that everything was fine and dandy and married wife #2. He had the poor taste to give his murdered 1st wife’s silk kimono to his 2nd wife, as a gift. Right away, the 2nd wife started to experience paranormal things,“When the robe is given it is clean…looks new….no scents…stains…etc. Soon…two little spots appear on robe…the scent of perfume (Chantilly) permeates the robe and her life. Things are broken…she hears the cries…etc. She finds an old photo of Cherry….wearing the exact same robe and it all clicks. She gives the robe to a friend, who sells it as haunted at a sale…Maggie buys the robe…but cannot bring complete peace to Cherry,” says the seller. Looks like this silk kimono has found a new home. Hopefully its new owner can help Cherry’s poor, tortured soul find the peace that she deserves.