jar of dustJust when we thought we’ve seen it all, we find that someone came up with the bizarre idea to collect a jar of disgusting filth and put it up on Ebay. Basically they just vacuumed their home and emptied the canister into a jar. They have probably been proudly displaying it on their shelf, next to a jar of old scabs and one with toenail clippings.

They’re calling it “a handmade/unique work of art” and are asking an exorbitant amount of money for it. Clearly, they are either mental or this must be some sort of sick joke, because nobody in their right mind would want to buy it. Well, maybe a dust mite serial collector or asylum patient. Maybe the seller is counting on finding someone like themselves to come along, another dust loving fool, with $1,500 burning a hole in their pocket, to swoop it up and add it to their collection. Doubt that will ever happen though, so it will be a long wait, which will probably give the seller enough time to collect several more jars of filth…or hopefully just move onto selling better items.
jar of dustI spy with my little eye…. cat claws or maybe human fingernails? toenails?, fur, dander, human hair, cooties, pubes, cootie pubes, dead skin cells, dust bunnies, allergens galore…makes me want to sneeze, looking at it up close. AaaaahChoooooooooooooo.