Kuato Total Recall CosplayKuato. He’s like Chucky, but more grotesque and baby-like. Now you can have Kuato on your very own stomach for $149.99. This thing is giving me ulcers and stomach pains just looking at it. I feel like I have my own Kuato bursting out of my gut. You know what? That was just my noon burrito. Ever since lunch I’ve been the star of my own movie called bloatal recall. Oh the pain! Make sure you click through for a super special treat.

Kuato Total Recall Cosplay
Relive the creeptastic wonder and grotesque splendor that is Kuato. And also Arnold’s amazing acting abilities. Then watch the video below that one and be all like WTF and LOL at the same scene. Your welcome. Interestingly, I found the acting to be the same in both clips.