ants on dishesLooks like the ones I already own, but what the hell, they match my dishware, being all black spotted and crawling. These plates already come with real ants on them. No need to just set your dish on the counter and wait for them to swarm like the Borg Collective maniacs they are.

ants on dishes
It’s a real time-saver. I can buy new dishes that match the old ones. It’s not like I have a maid. You try playing GTA V all day AND having time to do chores. Anyway, I only just found out that that square machine in the kitchen is supposed to wash dishes, but I’m not about to start washing my dishes now.

First, that’s a lot of extra protein on my plate. And on my food. Second, that thing washes clothes like a champ, but my underwear keeps getting caught on that whirling blade on the bottom.