bloody high heelsWomen look great in high heels, but I bet they feel like torture. The things women go through to look good for men. Seriously ladies, we don’t need all of that. Just cook us a meal, clean up the place while we play video games and try not to talk too much about your day. Really we–

Update: Wife was watching me type and totally smacked the s**t out of me. My face is gonna look like keyboard for a few hours since I faceplanted myself into my laptop on the floor. She also handcuffed me to the toilet and left a note.(Yes I was typing on the toilet. Problem?)

The note reads: I thought you would like it in here until I get back since this is where s**t belongs! Do your work and don’t let me catch you crying like a stuck pig!

Anyway, there goes my freedom for the day. Someone is touchy. These creepy high heels look as bloody as women’s feet must feel after a hard days walk. They are only $70. from Etsy.