krampusIf you’re unfamiliar with the myth of Krampus, you’re probably wondering to yourself, “What is this beastly, demonic monstrosity staring back at me?” Don’t you worry your pretty little head or lose sleep over it. You have nothing to fear from Krampus, unless you’re a naughty child.

krampusThe Germans thought it would be fun to scare their children with stories of a creepy, wild goat man who goes around kidnapping and torturing bad kids. Tales of Santa Claus’s evil twin, Krampus, would be told every holiday season and parents would dress up as him and parade around the village, scaring the beejesus out of the kids.

krampusNow you too, for the low price of $899, can scare the kids in your village….um…neighborhood, this holiday season! Forget dressing up as Santa. Whip those kiddies into shape and give them an old fashioned scare and they’ll be sure to make it onto Santa’s nice list this year.