soul stuffed bearCreepy things have been afoot for band-mom62 on Ebay. The root of her problems? This nasty demented bear who feeds on pregnant women. And no, for once I’m not talking about myself. Although I don’t mind if they are preggers. Just more cushion… Anyway…

“My daughter is 8 months pregnant.
She bought this bear at a rummage sale, thinking it would be cute for the baby.
She put this bear with other things she had in her room for the baby.

Every morning she has woke up to the bear being closer & closer to her bed.
At first she thought maybe the dog or cat was playing with the bear.
Today was the last straw…..she woke up with the bear sitting on her belly!
This baby bear seems to want her baby!

I think this bear might be stuffed with the souls of young children!
As you can see it’s mouth is open, just waiting to devour something.
This bear is very dark & demented!
Maybe you could tame this bear.
Maybe you know someone who’s soul you could feed this hungry bear!
Even better yet maybe you too are dark & demented just like this bear & would get along great!!”
soul stuffed bear
Here he is laying in wait. Probably singing softly to the soul inside of the womb. Maybe licking his lips. Giggling. Wondering if he should recommend some cream for those stretch marks.
soul stuffed bear
Here he is chilling in the crib, the souls of those he has consumed, powering the mobile above.
soul stuffed bear
And finally, he makes his move.