Creepy Valentines Day Cards
Serial killers need love too. If you love a demented killer, give them one of these Serial Killer Valentines. If you are a serial killer, give someone you love these valentines, but if you do, DON”T KILL THEM! I can’t stress that enough. It defeats the whole point of giving them a valentine if you kill them. Wait what? Well yeah, if you call yourself the Valentine’s Day killer I guess that’s fine. Not that I approve. I’m just saying you make a good point.

Blog post finished. Yes!

Now to check my mailbox for Valentines from fans. Sweet! Got one! Cool it has Jason Voorhees on it! *Gets impaled through the back and killed by a killer wearing a smiling heart for a head. *Dying breaths* It’s…you…Valentine’s Day…killer. *gasps. dies*