pizza hat
Mama mia! Why you a wear da pizza on your head? Pizza hat! Hmmm. Tough choice. Pizza Hut or Pizza Hat? Imma do both. All the fine Pizza Hut ladies are going to be eyeing my pepperoni. They might even think I own the place. They’ll invite me backstage so I can see how the pizza is made, ask for my autograph.

Then when it’s time to go, I’ll pick up my pizza hat and slam it on my head. And since it was a piping hot pizza and not my hat, half my face will be burnt off and I really will own the place thanks to a sweet lawsuit and a shady lawyer. It’s criminal to let just anyone back there with hot lava pizzas. Especially an idiot like me.

You guys should totally come check out my new franchise. I’m gonna do what they should have done a long time ago. Get the rights to Jabba the Hutt and market the shizz out of these pizzas. Free slice to anyone wearing pizza clothing. Ladies, give me your number and I’ll stuff your crust while you wrap me in bacon. Cool? Life is sweet for a pizza entrepreneur.