Alien Autopsy Game
Alien Autopsy Game. It’s the fun game of poking and prodding an alien lifeform, just like they’ve been doing to you forever. Stick stuff in, wiggle it around. Make them scream and cry. These b**tards deserve it. The box says, “One wrong move and it’s scream will send you running.” One wrong move might also prevent this intergalactic jerkwad from reproducing if you know what I mean! I think you do! It’s the wacky game of alien operation!

First players watch from their own human made UFO, flying high above the alien homeworld. When the alien goes to sleep, just zip right down, beam some light into it’s room and abduct that sucker! Then in your human lab aboard the ship, conduct experiments and operate on that bug-eyed freak! When it’s pain no longer amuses you and makes you giggle like a lunatic, release it back into the wild. But don’t forget to mind-wipe it first!

What do you think little Bobby?

I want to believe, but I need to operate again to be sure!

What about you little Suzie?

I stuck an implant in it’s fat head and spit in it’s spleen!

That’s the spirit kids! Alien Autopsy! Creepbay approved!