devil boxYou might remember a previous story we covered, about Ebay seller hubee2you’s spooky encounter with the very much haunted Devil Doll Ashley Ann. That evil doll was tormenting them and their goats, setting fires in the middle of the night and wreaking all sorts of havoc. Well, here’s another demented item from the same estate, plucked from its hiding spot, deep inside of a fireplace, where it lay nested for who knows how many years, along with a whole load of burnt animal remains. So, if you missed your chance bidding on Ashley Ann or maybe creepy dolls just aren’t your thing, then perhaps I can interest you in a Devil Box?

devil boxAccording to the seller, “This box is quite possibly some type of gift from hell. I don’t even know what some of it is composed of, it’s very very strange. It appears to be burnt, but not burnt at the same time, really hard to explain. There is apparently some type of demon head on the top of it. The box itself smells like burnt human hair. I can hear something inside of it too. I believe there is something very wrong with these boxes and a strong demonic presence attached to it and its contents. This box is so eerie that I can’t even look at it for more then a few seconds without becoming ill, you’ll see what I mean if you win it. Little advice- don’t remove the contents- I think that’s when it all starts. This is box is number eight of the lot. Please use discretion in purchasing these items.”

devil boxThis Devil Box was purchased from the estate of a recently deceased Ohio state elderly couple. Now don’t go shedding even one tear for those old peoples deaths and start imagining them as sweet little ole granny and grandpappy rocking away in their wood rockers on the front porch. These oldsters were into some seriously sick stuff, like black magic, devil worship and had connections with a racist organization. The seller shared a photo of the happy couple, brimming over with pure evil, “Just to show the sick look on their disturbed faces.” “I can’t even wrap my head around some of the things I’ve found from their estate. These two are definitely in hell right now, and probably happy there,” says the seller.