Satan ClamcakeBehold the Satan Clamcake! The master of the underworld has taken a new form on Earth and is just waiting for you to consume him. As soon as you go all nom nom nom and start eating this thing, you will feel a fiery burning as hell’s fury boils within you. Before you know it, you are Satan’s new vessel here on Earth.

Satan Clamcake
At the very least, eating a Satan Clamcake has got to make you pee fire and poop lava. You might even grow a forked tail. That’s why you never eat a Satan Clamcake. The seller was smart enough to leave it alone and put it on Ebay for $666.66:

Clam Cake that looks like Satan/The Devil. I didn’t have the nerve to eat it. It was so evident that it looked like Satan that it stood out from all the other clam cakes on the plate. This Clam Cake is being frozen to preserve freshness. It’s kinda cool, and kinda creepy!

Well, that’s what we are all about. Creepy/Cool stuff. DO NOT eat the Satan Clamcake. But if you do, drop us a line to let us know what foul evil has befallen you.