vampire killing kitKill Vampires dead with this reproduction WWI Vampire killing kit. Me? I just sharpen some stakes and rub garlic all over my pasty blogger body until I pass out from the stink. I always wake up alive, so I figure it must work pretty good. Although that doesn’t explain the boner and why my pants are always undone, but I digress.

If you want to kill Vampires all professional like, this kit is the way to go.

vampire killing kit
This kit contains:
• One standard-issue US Military Colt .45 1911 Automatic Pistol
• Five rounds, .45 Auto ACP ammunition, sterling silver. (Rounds have been treated with Agent V-16A, a combination of blessed Holy Water and Garlic Oil)
• New Testament, One
• Exorcism Prayer, One
• Field Mirror, Metal, One
• Glass Vial, Holy Water, One
• Box, One;
Contents: Rosary, One, w/Silver Cross
• Medic’s Belt Pouch, One
Contents: Fresh Garlic
• Wooden Stakes, Sharpened, Two
• Crucifix, Brass, One
• Chain, Sterling Silver, Length 36”
• Bottle, One, Rock Salt, .5 oz.
• Coffin Nails, Six”
vampire killing kit
It will only cost you $599. on Etsy. So go on. Kill some ‘pires. Then take Sookie Stackhouse for your own. It’s about time she did it with an actual non-Adonis looking human who only lasts about 2 minutes.