Cthulhus in LoveAt night I askkkkkkkkk the starssssss up aboveeeeee…Why must I be a Cthulhu in loveeeeeeeeeeee? That was such a sweet song. Too bad anyone who knows it is limping around with a cane right now and bitching about their hip. I only know it because I know the language of love. I’m a real Casanova.

More like Casa”NO”va.

Who said that?

Me. Your long lost Cthulhu-mate. We are Cthulhus in love.

At last I’ve found you. *tears* You were always the only one who never went insane around me. I- I love you. Does this mean that you will finally show yourself and be more than just a voice in my head?


…Is it me you’re looking for?

Cthulhus in Love