Gothic Graveyard Snowglobe
Time to take a field trip kids. We’re going to a graveyard. A Gothic Graveyard Snowglobe! C’mon you didn’t think I was really gonna get up early and drive a bus full of whiny kids somewhere did ya? Hey, I bring the excitement to you. This snowglobe is the perfect spooky desk accessory. It’s a calm, spooky graveyard with a creepy gnarled tree. It looks like the whole damn town is buried in there. WTH? Must have been a natural disaster.

OR did I go on the field trip and crash that bus full of kids, and now I’m in a parallel reality? Makes you think. You see why I don’t take you guys anywhere? It’s much safer if I just show you cool stuff everyday. I think I’m buried right under the tree and you guys are fanning out from me. Feels crowded. Can my corpse get some damn elbow room for God’s sake?