Nasco Gestation modelIf there is one thing that curating the finds here at Creepbay has taught me, it is that life, all life, is gross. Humans are disgusting and horribly creepy creatures. They will create and buy and sell anything. No matter how freaky-deaky it is.

This Gestational medical model from Nasco (Nasco-We make things that make the world creepier.) is whacked. Like, whacked with a poop covered stick and shoved in a trunk to be buried by a mobster. This creepy model explains the whole gestational process in the grossest way possible. It shows you every step of the process. It’s currently up to $107.50. The sellers name is appropriately sausagefingers41982.
Nasco Gestation model Which is why he has never delivered a baby.

This thing is gross. They probably used this thing to film that Benjamin Button movie. Fetuses and babies all look like old men. I picture some weird guy buying this and then holding a one-man puppet show in his mother’s basement, being constantly interrupted by her shouts, which forces him to change his voice acting, getting all gruff and even more psycho. Soon after mom will meet his new children and…I don’t want to spoil it for you. It will all be on the evening news.
Nasco Gestation model
I wonder if they bounce. They look all rubbery and they seem like you could have a mean game of fetus basketball with them. Score! Three pointer with the afterbirth.

Mommy, where do babies come from? Just look in the box and stop interrupting my morning cocktail!