light saber key cover
These Star Wars Lightsaber keys would totally destroy you plain old house key in a fight. *Makes cool lightsaber sounds* Pretty awesome. But WTF? You have to train in a swamp just to learn Jedi powers? What is Yoda gonna make me do to earn a friggin’ Lightsaber key? I suppose I have to do fancy Jedi moves around my neighborhood with him on my back!

Not enough it is to feel the force. You must use the force to pick up this dog doody. *concentrates as dog doody hovers in mid-air* Good very good. Higher it must go. Feel the force flow through the doody. You and the doody are one. Feel it’s corn. Be one with the stink. Higher still, you must lift it. Good. Now drop the doody in that chimney, you must!

WTF Yoda?

Judged me by my size, that one did. Know where he lives, I do. Pay now, he will!