zombiedomainOwn Zombieapocalypse.com for $50,000.00. That is one sweet domain name. I’m gonna buy it and put up all kinds of Zombie survival tips on it and ways to kill the various undead who are trying to eat your brain and chew on your liver.

Wait, what? We aren’t expecting to actually have any internet during the Zombie apocalypse? Like, no Wi-Fi or anything? That reminds me of the night that tree knocked the power out on my block for like 2 hours. I’ll never forget the look in the rescuer’s eyes as his flashlight penetrated the night and he pulled me out from my nerd nest of open comic books and Cheeto’s bags. I was all huddled in a ball, too traumatized to do more than raise my head toward this sweet angel of mercy. I’ll never forget that shadowed face or his gentle and caring words. “Hey nerd. Get an effing grip! The power’s been up for an hour now! Now get off of my lawn! And take all of this s*it with ya.”

It’s amazing how we all come together in times of crisis.*tear sliding down my cheek* I just need a minute.