satan on toiletSo I’m not sure what happened in this painting here from this seller. Some little girl went to hell and apparently her version of hell is to be on the toilet for all of eternity, unraveling a never ending Lincoln log. So, the devil, taking a break from torturing Hitler, hits the can himself, having a smoke and saying what’s up to this pooping Pollyanna.

Just two folks in hell, shooting the breeze, with the occasional poop fart in between pauses. I have no idea what’s going on with Satan’s arms. I thought those were his arms on his chin at first, but nope. There is a weird arm that seems to come from nowhere, holding up his tail, so he doesn’t get poop on it.

Satan is all like, “Help! Ouch!” cause he is constipated as…hell. He’s really having a tough time. His eyes are pleading with this girl like, “Holy f**k, I really need more fiber. This is hell for both of us girly! I don’t usually cry!”

She can’t stop pooping. He can’t start. There’s something deep in that message. This piece speaks to the human fragility of the colon.