clown fantasy outfit editCheck out this clown fantasy outfit. Here’s an interesting fantasy: Eat a f**king cracker. I kid. I kid. I’m thinking you can buy this $1,235.00 outfit and then team up with the Joker, because if there’s one thing the Batman doesn’t need, it’s another deranged clown at the Joker’s side. I mean, besides Harley Quinn. Look at her jumping out in front of the Caped Crusader, eyes all wide, feigning shock. Oh my. Did I startle you? He he. Are you stunned by my crazy freakishness? Good. He he. Now for a kick to your bat-groin.

clown fantasy outfit
Here she is descending toward the Batman’s position thanks to her Party City balloons. So deranged. Anyway, I’m pretty creeped out by the whole ordeal. And oddly turned on. Roll credits from the ad:

Modelled by Emily Johnston.

Photos by Katie Vice for Bizarre Magazine.

Designed by Florence Druart.