zombie kinkade paintingThomas Kinkade paints all kinds of idyllic scenes. Quaint little cottages in the snow, quiet villages by a mountainside… You know the kind. It’s the sort of thing that your grandmother pays too much for on QVC and hangs on the wall, telling you everyday that when she is gone, it will be all yours. Too bad you don’t want it. Then granny dies and you are stuck with it, so you sell it for fifty bucks at your yard sale. Then granny haunts you for all time and makes you insane. All because of Thomas Kinkade. Do you know how hard it is to write an article while granny is jabbering away about her thrift store finds on the other side and the fact that she doesn’t need dentures “over here”? STFU granny.

Anyway, this Etsy seller has dramatically increased the value and interestingness (Yes, that is a word, because I have seen other people on the internet using it. Shut it granny!) by adding some Zombies to Kinkade’s work. These guys are terrorizing the hell out of that quiet little cottage. Only $19.95 for a print.