haunted mirrorMirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? *Not you. You look like a fantasy troll who got into a car accident and then had botched reconstructive surgery. (Evil mirror laugh)* You see why I don’t have any mirrors in the house? *Smashes mirror(Because really, what’s another 7 years of this s**t?)*

Anyway, this haunted mirror on eBay has a super grumpy face. I’m calling him Grumpy Ghost, after the famous and grumpy internet cat, but I’m too lazy to make a funny image. The seller has a long and convoluted story(Of course) so I’ll just break it down for you below:

haunted mirror
The story goes she bought it at an estate sale , after wards she started having strange problems at her house which intensified as the staining of the mirror grew worse. Everything from strange noises to apparitions, unexplained moving objects, and unseen pulls or tugs .
haunted mirror
I’ve experienced some unseen pulls and tugs myself, which my therapist has labeled “Sleep Jerking”. This often happens late at night while I’m sleeping. I agree that this can be very startling, but if you just relax and let it happen, it can be quite enjoyable. Back to the story.

Thats when it starts , weird noises at first . Then doors slamming . Strange odors. Car hoods popped unexplainably in garage . Waking up to garage open .

Sounds like alcoholism to me. I remember it well. My conclusion: The only ghosts this guy is haunted by are Sam Adams and Jack Daniels. I have made my ruling! *Swings gavel down* Ow! Ow! Ow! Hurt my wrist.