Predator Paintball MaskThis custom Predator Paintball mask immediately makes you the target if you play in my paintball games. Don’t get all creative and start making Predator noises either because someone will take you down. So what? You can cloak and become invisible. I’m just gonna put mud all over myself and arm a nuke so you can’t see me. How ya like me now? We Earthlings bite back! No easy prey here!

Just gonna lay in the mud and wait. Then when he’s close and almost walking over me, I’m gonna rise up and go all Sherwin-Williams on his preda-testicles. How you like that? You like getting a crotch full of paint?

*gets huge knife out as the dude takes the mask off* Hey man, wtf!!! It’s me! Your buddy!

Oh thank God you’re here. You aren’t going to believe this, but there was just a- Where did that Predator go?

*Other buddy walks up* You know not to confuse him. He still thinks Superman and Clark Kent are two different people!

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but I have a Predator to kill. *Shakes head as I walk away* Only my idiot friends would think that Supes and Clark are the same guy. Anyway, looks like I’m on my own in this fight. Where are you, you ugly Spider-Faced freak? Show yourself!

Predator Paintball Mask1