Set of 4 Minimalist Scary Movie Mask Shot Glasses
Give me a shot bartender! I just seen something that scared me senseless and I can’t stop shaking. *Looks around me all nervous. Bartender pours the drink. Sets it in front of me, using a glass from this Set of 4 Minimalist Scary Movie Mask Shot Glasses. I shriek like a banshee.*

Why you screaming?

Because that’s what I saw. The face on the glass! The scream ghost guy!

*He pours another. I scream like Justin Bieber faced with an actual woman.*

What’s your problem now bud?

Tha- That rabbit face on the glass. He was with the scream ghost guy.

*Pours another. I scream.*

What the hell? I gave you a blank glass this time.

*Wipes the glass until it’s clear.* Oh thank god. That smudge mark looked like my ex-wife!