uma thurman feet statue
When last we saw Uma Thurman it was as a mannequin wearing a Poison Ivy costume. Now we have this….I apologize in advance for making you look at her nasty, weird, proof of alien life feet. They totally freak me out. Kill Bill? More like kill any pair of shoes. I’m pretty sure they’re still growing.

Anyhow, this Etsy seller has a rare statue with a serious case of Ewwww-Ma Thurman feet. The seller bought the statue feet unseen and then discovered the horror when she received it. Painting didn’t help. It only made the demon feet worse. Now she just needs the feet to beat a hasty retreat from her life. For $11,019.28. The price is totally justified. Kinda like lawsuit money for having to look at those nasty tootsies.

What the hell Uma? Why are your feet like man feet with elongated fingers? *shudders* Do NOT want to play footsie with her. Her toes will put my toes in a toe-lock and break bones.