doggy tin foil hatYou may not be worried about the government controlling your mind, but dogs know better. Ask any dog and they will tell you that there are humans out there trying to brainwash them and turn them into doggy Manchurian candidates. Just who do you think makes Fido lick his balls so often? The CIA that’s who. And also the cubans who killed Kennedy, who are really aliens from outer space.

doggy tin foil hat
This doggy tin foil hat is a steal at $5. From the Ebay auction:

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Dog. THE WATCHERS are Targeting Them Too. Although Researchers Have Observed Countless Examples of Magnetic Radiation Hijacking the Autonomy of Their Hosts, Only Now are THE WATCHERS Beginning to Understand how the Magnetic Extrapolizing Radiation Waves Produced By. ..THE WATCHERS …ON PURPOSE….. Extrapolate with Numerous Sub Systems within the Target subject , Ultimately Changing the Subject’s Behavior in Grotesque and Horrific ways. Taking a Proteomics Approach, for Example, Scientists have Compared the Proteins Repressed in the Brains of Affected and Unaffected Animals to Gain Clues About Which Molecules Might be Involved in the Manipulation of Neurotic Sensors Repressed Until Activated by the Controlling AGENCY .. And more Directed Neurological Approaches Have Flagged Certain Brain Regions and Particular Neurotransmitters, such as SEROTONIN and DOPAMINE, as the Likely Targets. Wow Who would Have Thought. OH Well ,Obviously the Dog Cant tell ME How Well it works for HER But I do Know What a Release of Nutronic Ballance My Personal Shield Is for ME. Built with the Same Technology and Theory. Shielded Copper Defusing Wire Continuously Looped…Solid Aluminum Substrata… Self Degaussing…. Constructed of all Non Magnetic Materials….Fits Medium to Large Skull bone….. Use With Caution though…..May Cause ….Flatulation …. In Some Poorly Motivated Pure Breads………………… Watch the Watchers

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