The True Form Of Nicolas CageWhen not selling pieces of what is left of his soul in Hollywood and staring at people until they say, “Im’ma smack you Nicolas Cage!”, this is what he looks like. Exposed! I exposed you. How do you like that, you unblinking, smoothed face tool of the Illuminati? (I don’t know that he is an Illuminati tool. I just know he is a tool. And obviously evil)

The True Form Of Nicolas Cage
Every night, when his acting is done, his handler carefully extracts the parasitic Cage from it’s host body and sets him on this base of sand, which will extract data from the day’s activities and send it back to the demonic realm from which he slithered. The veins on his parasite head throb as he gasps and fights for air. Pooping data ain’t easy son. However, soon his masters will give him new orders for the coming day. Those orders will no doubt be to look creepy while delivering subliminal signals with his unblinking gaze.

When all movie-going sheep are thoroughly asleep, his job will be done.