infector gadgetDo do do do do Infector Gadget do do do do do doo doo! This nasty little zombie freak will be the hottest(and nastiest creepy) action figure this year. Only $50. He is 8 inches of pure WTF awesomeness. Coincidentally that’s what I usually say to the ladies, but that always ends in laughter, followed by a debate about whether you can include the taint in the measurement. After that it’s just tears and a bucket of ice cream for me.

infector gadget
But I digress. This little freaky booger has a mind control device, and an arm weapon that includes a skull drill, a toxic hose that inserts toxic goo into his enemies brains and a brain grinder that grinds off brain chunks. His toxic goo tank helps to spread the infection, while his breathing machine keeps him alive.

I look forward to seeing him on Saturday morning cartoons. Do they still do that? I haven’t woken up before noon in like 5 years. Yea me! More likely I’ll see him in my nightmares. He should go well with me flying naked on a unicorn trying to outrun a killer Zombie My Little Pony army who eat the flesh of care bears to fuel their insane march. But will he be ally or enemy? Your move Infector Gadget!