Satanic Nativity Krampus Creche
This is a nutty nativity. Wow. Two Krampus items in one day. Like Kanye West, I think this one comes to you straight from the Illuminati. This is going to be a special nativity to add to your holiday decorations. The Krampus is born! In the little town of Death-lehem! See what I did there? You might say that Krampus arrived by immaculate deception.

It comes with assorted demons and everything you need to celebrate the birth of Krampus. I think I see the three wise men. The guy with two heads, carrying the third head hung from their belt. Then there’s baby Krampus in the manger going all goo-goo and ga-ga and probably pooping himself. Not sure which one’s are brosef and Mary. This is a pretty frightful nativity for your shelf

Merry Krampus to all and to all, a good night!

baby krampus