spock and kirk pillow casesWTF in the name of Starfleet and all that is holy, is going on here? I did a spit-take when I first saw these Star Trek body pillows featuring Kirk and Spock seductively half undressed, so that some nerd can do a Vulcan groin meld all over them. Body pillows are for comfort, not for humpin’ and bumpin’ the heroes of Star Fleet.

Basically, for $50 you can come home to Kirk and Spock waiting for you in your bed. Ready for…whatever it is you three want to do. You get both Kirk and Spock so you are basically bones in this threesome. Just imagine, during the hot and heavy action, you can say stuff like “Damnit Jim, I’m a Doctor, not Ron Jeremy.”

I think Spock with his pants half undone is the more disturbing of the pair. This set just makes me feel all weird.

spock and kirk pillow cases